All Things Holigrapes

Let’s talk merchandising; specifically, let’s talk the merchandising crunch that is summer through the new year. Back-to-school, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc.—before you know it, it’s January first and, sooner than you think, the whole cycle will start once again. Pretty Lady grapes are a go-to snack/ingredient/charcuterie-board-enhancer for just about everyone (well, everyone with taste), so it’s […]

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“Fall” in Love With Hobgoblin Displays

As you check the weather on your phone app, in the local paper, or simply by walking outside, fall-related anything probably feels laughably far away. But, like a freight train filled with decorative gourds and too much nutmeg, fall is bearing down on us with great, crisp urgency. If you haven’t already, now is the […]

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Don’t Labor Over Displays

As displays and merchandising go, few holidays are a better fit for fresh produce than Labor Day. This first Monday of each September marks the social and economic achievements of the American workforce; it’s fitting, then, that many of us celebrate it by taking time to rest, rejuvenate, and spend much-needed time with family. The […]

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Name That Grape

When it comes to Pretty Lady grapes, there’s much more to it than the simple question of “red” or “green.” Our grapes are multifaceted, nuanced, subtle, and surprising—in both appearance and flavor. Since grape season is just about in full swing, you’ll be getting more and more questions about your selection: flavor profile, availability, maybe […]

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Gimme Some Sugar

Drops, that is. It’s that time of year…the weather gets warmer, the sun shines brighter, the birds get chirpier, and green-grape loyalists start pining for their beloved Sugar Drops. This variety has steadily increased in popularity over the years, and it’s no wonder: with their plump size and succulent sweetness, Sugar Drops may have cracked […]

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Grapes: The Fruits of Our Labor

Here at Pretty Lady Vineyards, we don’t just grow grapes, we eat, sleep, and breathe them. Why? Because Pretty Lady grapes aren’t just our business, they’re a symbol of the integrity our family has been bringing to the grape industry since 1955. Peter and Nick are the sons of company founder Jakov P. Dulcich, and […]

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Happy holigrapes! Merchandising your way to 2022.

Floaties and pool noodles have been packed away and fresh fruit salad has given way to crisp apple slices, orange wedges, and big bunches of beautiful grapes. Speaking of which, our Harvest Hobgoblin grapes are in full swing and ready to make your shelves look their autumnal best. But we’re not just talking pumpkin latte […]

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Great Late Grapes

Now say that ten times fast! Luckily, mastery of tongue-twisters isn’t necessary to enjoy Pretty Lady’s late-season grapes. They’re all delicious, but we’re particularly excited about this year’s Green Emeralds. They have a fantastic shelf life and are. Absolutely. Huge. We love them fresh and rinsed and unadorned, but they are amazing in recipes as […]

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Ho, boy! It’s Hobgoblin time!

Our Hobgoblin-branded merchandise boxes and cartons are natural superstars (or, for this time of year, “supernatural stars”) of the Halloween aisle, but a little birdie (in a bat costume) told us that these autumnal displays add a distinct fall flair to produce sections all season long. Healthy Halloween options that are actually fun and actually […]

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Pick a grape, any grape!

You don’t need magic to ensure your shoppers have access to the world’s most delicious grapes—you just need many, many packages of Pretty Ladies resting elegantly on your refrigerated shelves. Whether Top Seal trays or stand-up pouches, Pretty Lady grapes bring color and panache to even the most discriminating produce sections. We’re in the thick […]

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Un-boring Your Brown Bag!

It may not feel like fall, but fall is, I assure you, bearing down on us like a pumpkin-spice-latte-bedecked freight train. Visions of PB&Js and baby carrots are dancing through our heads as we try to unlock the secret formula that will keep our crafty kiddos from dropping a half-eaten lunch into the wastebasket. Fruit […]

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I wish they all could be California…

graaaaaappeeesss! With apologies to The Beach Boys, we think this sentiment couldn’t be more true. California is technically a newb when it comes to grape cultivation, because the Golden State has been in the biz for “only” 200 years (a mere fraction of the 8,000 years the human race has been growing grapes). So how […]

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Get ready, get set…

Grape! I mean, almost. We’re not quite there yet, but we only have mere metaphorical minutes before grape season is upon us; so it’s time to dust off the ol’ green (or red, or black) textbook and prep the produce section for summer’s most poppable treat. You’re a busy grocer, and we’re busy grape-ists, so […]

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Even Better Than That Flying Nanny

As Mary Poppins somewhat boldly announces, she’s practically perfect in every way. Well, Pretty Lady grapes are entirely perfect in every way. Don’t believe us? Well, then, you’ve just admitted to never having tried one! We recommend you rectify that travesty toot sweet! (Tout suite if you’re fancy…or simply French.) But, if you’re one of […]

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Top Seals-Top Focus on Safety Shipping Fresh Table Grapes

Those of us who love grapes (which should be every one of us because they’re so delicious) knows what a perfectly crisp, juicy, and sweet grape tastes like and once you start eating them, it’s sometimes really hard to stop. Picking out the perfect bunch of fresh grapes at our favorite grocery store always brings […]

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