As displays and merchandising go, few holidays are a better fit for fresh produce than Labor Day. This first Monday of each September marks the social and economic achievements of the American workforce; it’s fitting, then, that many of us celebrate it by taking time to rest, rejuvenate, and spend much-needed time with family. The other thing we do? Eat! The thing we eat? Fruit. Salad. 

Labor Day picnics have been an American staple for decades and immediately conjure images of hot dogs, burgers, potato salad, and fresh fruit. And, while many menu options have evolved and changed over the years (veggie dogs! Turkey burgers!), one thing remains…beautiful, sweet, succulent fruit salad. The perfect antidote to heavy picnic fare and still-too-hot early fall weather.

And this is the reason Labor Day displays shouldn’t require much labor at all! Promote fruit salad with recipes (in store and on social media), and, when possible, create a space in the refrigerated section of your produce department to group fruits that make sense kept cold and are easy to throw together (because who wants to labor on Labor Day?) Grapes, strawberries, blueberries, pre-cut melon chunks, and pre-cut pineapple chunks are all great fruit salad options to keep snuggled up on your refrigerated shelves. Throw some tubs or cans of ready-made whipped cream in there as well; because, if picnics aren’t the time to indulge, when is? 

And remind your shoppers that, when it comes to Pretty Lady grapes (to use any other brand would only besmirch the red-checkered table cloth), there’s more than just bright green to add to the rainbow. In addition to the green Esteem, Emerald, and Autumn King varieties that are all available for Labor Day treats, red and black/mixed varieties make delicious fruit salad additions as well. Scarlet Royal is a crisp fall red and Midnight Beauty and Autumn Royal are rich, dark black/mixed varieties.

And, straight from the Pretty Lady recipe page, here are a couple wonderful recipes that highlight grapes and provide cooling relief from the last hot rays of summer’s sun.

Pretty Lady Grape Frozen Yogurt

Grape Cup