Our story begins in Croatia, where a young, hard-working man named Jakov Dulcich met a pretty lady named Antoinette and the two fell in love. Soon after their wedding, the young couple moved to Chile, in search of bigger opportunities than their small island home could provide. The following year, in 1960, they emigrated further, to the rich agricultural valley of Central California, where Jakov’s uncle ran a successful vineyard and had jobs waiting for them both.

After years of hard work and careful saving, Jakov and Antoinette were able to invest in their own piece of farmland. As their vineyard grew and prospered, so did their family. They had two sons, Peter and Nick, who first learned how to grow grapes right around the same time they were taught how to read and write.

In 1995, Dulcich and Sons introduced their proprietary Pretty Lady grape variety, which has since become one of the most popular and beloved grape brands in the world.

Brothers Peter and Nick Dulcich continue to nurture the family operation their parents started nearly half a century ago, and even though the acreage and production output has vastly increased since the early days, Jakov and Antoinette’s values of creating a high-quality product at a fair price remain integral to the mission of Pretty Lady Grapes.

Today, Dulcich & Sons ships and distributes their grapes worldwide under Pretty Lady, Harvest Hobgoblin, and Sunlight Brands. Their world-renowned California table grape varieties are available in retail stores July through December. Visit the Varieties page to learn about all the varieties offered and seasonal availability.