Our Values

We may be the biggest table grapes grower in North America, but our grapes are special because of the little things. We apply micronutrients to each vine to keep them strong and healthy, increase their flavor and texture, and naturally extend their shelf life. We treat our vines using organic and natural products because they’re better for the earth, the grapes themselves, and the health of our customers and families. We prune each vine by hand to ensure only the best bunches of grapes are allowed to reach maturity. By paying closer attention to the growing process, we consistently harvest firm, juicy, delicious grapes, and can do so in virtually any kind of weather.

In addition to participating in the Global Food Safety Initiative, we voluntarily submit to a safety audit by a certified third-party auditor every season. We also make new employees go through safety training and conduct annual drills to ensure that, in the unlikely event of a recall, our team knows how to swiftly trace affected products. More than 30 quality-assurance experts review the work of our staff on a regular basis, and we employ a full-time, onsite US Department of Agriculture representative to monitor the quality of our fruit throughout its growth.

Our state-of-the-art, climate-controlled facilities are designed to protect our harvest by cooling, storing, and treating our fruit immediately after it’s been packed, whether that be in one of our nearby fields or right inside the packing house. Wherever we can, we re-use and recycle growing materials, eliminate the use of potentially harmful substances, and minimize the impact of our growing operations on the environment. We continually refine our growing methods and explore new ways of improving the quality of our products, as well as the health of the land.  We are committed to operating in economically, socially, and environmentally responsible manners at every step of the process, and truly appreciate every loyal customer who helps keep us successful.


Sustainable farms naturally help bolster local and regional economies, creating good jobs and building strong communities. We strive to be a leader in corporate citizenship and sustainable development.

Sponsoring the Future Farmers of America is one way we play a small role in helping today’s youth become our next generation of farmers. We also offer a wide variety of scholarships, including the Louis Acompara fund, the Kathie Wright foundation, scholarship for Distinguished Young Women, and many others. For years, we have offered ongoing support to breast cancer awareness, specifically donating to research programs through The Susan G. Koman Foundation. In addition to supporting other national and global causes, we understand the importance of supporting our customers at the community level and, therefore, stay active in many local-level charity events.