Two things we know about Labor Day: 1) the holiday celebrates American workers and their achievements—and we celebrate, specifically, by not working, and 2) for many of us, the temps are still going to be unspeakably hot. So, when planning the spread for your awesome Labor Day gathering, address both issues and focus on easy recipes that will “chill out” the hungry guests lounging on your back patio. 

Of course, all you really need to brighten up your Labor Day table (outdoor or in) is the grapes themselves—rinsed and glistening on a tray. Grapes are the perfect foil for temps that may (and probably will!) hit triple digits. The simplest recipe we have to offer? Little frozen grapesicles! You can learn everything you need to know about freezing grapes right here. And, as promised, here are a few of our beautiful, cool (in both temperature and fabulousness) treats:

Pretty Lady Grape Frozen Yogurt

Grape Cup

Caramel Dipped Pretty Lady Grapes

Pretty Lady Mini Cheese Balls

By the way, those little grapesicles mentioned above? Well, they make divine ice cubes in cocktails and mocktails. And speaking of imbibing, if you’re looking for a boozy treat or two, why not try these unique, refreshing cocktails?

Pisco Smash from Food & Wine

Frozen Grapes Daiquiri from Lady & Pups

Drunk Fruit Salad from Who Needs A Cape?

Hope your Labor Day is relaxing, cool, and delicious!