Sometimes it feels like being part of a cool-kids club that’s in on the latest secret… “Sure, everyone loves them, but have you tried them frozen,” you whisper to your aunt/friend/neighbor/Zoom meeting host. Every summer the simple, yet somehow still exclusive, hot (ice cold?) tip gets passed around, and anyone who follows it is instantly the star of any picnic or family backyard hang-out. If you know, you know…and if you know, everyone wants some of your snack first. What am I talking about? Summer’s premier treat, of course: the frozen grape.

Creating nature’s perfect bite-sized popsicle is deceptively simple. And selecting the perfect grape couldn’t be easier, either. We recommend our Pretty Lady Sugar Drop green grapes or our Flame Seedless red grapes. And then you can pick a favorite —if you can, that is (we certainly couldn’t). Once you have your Pretty Ladies in hand, follow the easy steps below…

  1. Remove and discard all stems from grapes
  2. Rinse grapes in a colander or mesh sieve
  3. Gently pat the grapes with a towel so they are completely dry 
  4. Place on a baking sheet in freezer until the grapes are frozen solid

et voilà! (That’s French for “get ready to have your mind blown by this icy, tasty treat.”)

And if you want to get fancy with it, incorporate your frozen grapes into this deliciously sweet recipe: 

Pretty Lady Grape Cup

What’s that? You want even more icy, grape-y fabulousness? We don’t blame you. Here are a couple more recipes to enjoy in the summer sun:

Pretty Lady Grape Frozen Yogurt

Pretty Lady Grapes Green Smoothie