We all have a favorite variety of grapes…right? Whether it’s green, red or black, (or maybe even all 3) one variety is always the go-to and preference. From the tartness of the green grapes, to the sheer sweetness of the red grapes, something about these little berries makes them such an enjoyable snack. But did you know that each variety of grape has a specific name? That’s right, they’re not just called red, green or black grapes. All of our Pretty ladies are specified with a glamorous, yet fitting name that suits them to a tee and there are different varieties available during our season. That makes a total of 5 varieties of our green grapes, 4 varieties of our red grapes and 4 varieties of our black grapes. Let’s get to know our different varieties and when they’re available:

Green Varieties:

  • Sugar Drop (July-August)
  • Esteem (July-September)
  • Emerald (August-November)
  • Autumn King (September-November)
  • Autumn Crisp (October-December)

Red Varieties:

  • Flames (July-August)
  • Timco (August-September)
  • Scarlet Royal (August-November)
  • Scarlotta (October-December)

Black/Mixed Varieties:

  • Summer Royal (July-August)
  • Midnight Beauty (July-September)
  • Autumn Royal (September-November)
  • Adora (October-December)

And there you have it, folks. Our pristine list of Pretty Lady Vineyards’ varieties and when they are available. Now you may never wonder again which of the Pretty Lady grapes are your favorite because they indeed do have a name. We may be a little bias, but all of the Pretty Lady varieties are equally delicious…they don’t like when we pick favorites. You can find all of this information and more on our website at www.prettyladyvineyards.com. Let us know which variety is your favorite!