Here at Pretty Lady Vineyards, we don’t just grow grapes, we eat, sleep, and breathe them. Why? Because Pretty Lady grapes aren’t just our business, they’re a symbol of the integrity our family has been bringing to the grape industry since 1955. Peter and Nick are the sons of company founder Jakov P. Dulcich, and began learning the art of growing grapes around the time they learned to read and write. All operations remain family owned. Peter and Nick serve as co-owners and presidents and oversee growing, packing, shipping, and marketing. Peter directs farming operations; Nick directs marketing operations. The Dulcich brothers are industry leaders in innovative operations and design. You can learn more about Peter, Nick, and the entire Pretty Lady Vineyards team here.

So, what happens when a family dedicates generations to producing a superior product? You get a level of quality you really can’t find from the competition. And that’s why when you taste a Pretty Lady grape, whether it be straight from the fridge, as the star of a fruit salad, or frozen and tossed in a summery cocktail, you know you’ve found something truly special. And if you haven’t tasted a Pretty Lady grape, you should rectify that situation immediately. Here’s a handy guide to our amazing varieties and when they’re available.


Sugar Drop (July–August)

Esteem (July–September)

Emerald (August–November)

Autumn King (September–November)

Autumn Crisp (October–December)


Flames (July–August)

Timco (August–September)

Scarlet Royal (August–November)

Scarlotta (October–December)


Summer Royal (July–August)

Midnight Beauty (July–September)

Autumn Royal (September–November)

Adora (October–December)

J.P. Dulcich and Sons is committed to protecting the environment and the natural resources for generations to come. It is the Dulcich Family’s promise to always deliver a safe, reliable, and high quality product from our family to your customers.  – Jakov P. Dulcich