When it comes to Pretty Lady grapes, there’s much more to it than the simple question of “red” or “green.” Our grapes are multifaceted, nuanced, subtle, and surprising—in both appearance and flavor. Since grape season is just about in full swing, you’ll be getting more and more questions about your selection: flavor profile, availability, maybe even recipe ideas! In order to make sure you’re at the top of your grape game, we’ve created this fun quiz to refresh your memory on the qualities of some of our most beloved Pretty Ladies. So, let’s get to it…can you Name That Grape? 

  1. I’m light, bright, and beautiful, and my sweetness level rivals that of any candy. I’m the star of any fruit salad, but most people love me unadorned and straight from the fridge. Who am I? 
  1. I’m rich, crisp, and delicate—take a bite out of me for that perfect grape “snap.” My flavor is robust and balanced, which makes me a favorite of, well, just about everyone. Who am I? 
  1. If you like a grape with a little bit of chutzpah, I’m the one for you. I’m bold, flavorful, and tart enough for those craving just a hint of pucker. Who am I? 
  1. My flavor is unique with a rich sweetness you won’t find anywhere else. I make a great “ice cube” for summer cocktails…just pop me in the freezer and throw me in a mojito for the perfect back-patio signature drink! Who am I?
  1. I’m round and firm with a “snap” that’s almost a “crunch”! I’m refreshing on a hot summer day and, due to my deep, jewel-toned color, a must for any charcuterie board. Who am I? 

Learn more about all of our deeeeelicious varieties and their availability right here.

Answers: 1) Sugar Drop (green); 2) Scarlet Royal (red); 3) Emerald (green); 4) Summer Royal (black); 5) Flames (red)