It’s time to get ready for grape season. Bountiful fruit salad (red and green and black/mixed varieties, please and thank you), frozen grape “cubes,” and refreshing smoothies await. Can’t you just taste them? It’s what summer is all about. And, of course, Pretty Lady grapes are delicious all on their own—crisp and cool and fresh from the fridge. But, if you’re not a regular reader of this blog, you’ll be surprised at the impressive versatility of these sweet, natural treats. Whether you’re a Sugar Drop gal or a Flames fella, you’ll love the sheer range of the recipes below.

Pretty Lady Grape Frozen Yogurt

Pretty Lady Grapes Green Smoothie

Pretty Lady Mini Cheese Balls

Pretty Lady Grape Empanadas

Pretty Lady Vineyards Grape Salad

Quick-fix California Grape Pizza

Pork Chops with Pretty Lady Grapes

Not entirely expected, right? Sure we’ve got frozen yogurt and smoothies, but cheese balls and pork chops? Pizza? Grapes can be a big part of your summer menu, whether you’re eating light on a hot day or preparing a hearty al fresco dinner for a breezy, warm evening. And, besides our full recipe page, which you can check out here, the internet is, unsurprisingly, a great resource for even more delicious grape recipes. Check out this Grilled Cheese with Chicken, Cheddar & Grapes from Marla Meridith