A No-fuss New Year’s Resolution

We’re not big “New year; new you” folks around here—why make something that’s supposed to help you feel better so overwhelming? In our estimation, you’re pretty darn great as is (you are a reader of this blog, after all), so no need to mess with success. Instead, a few small tweaks to your daily routine […]

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Un-boring Your Brown Bag!

It may not feel like fall, but fall is, I assure you, bearing down on us like a pumpkin-spice-latte-bedecked freight train. Visions of PB&Js and baby carrots are dancing through our heads as we try to unlock the secret formula that will keep our crafty kiddos from dropping a half-eaten lunch into the wastebasket. Fruit […]

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A Bunch of Grape Reasons to Eat a Bunch of Grapes

This is kind of silly, right? We’re about to give you a “bunch” of reasons why grapes should be a recurring character in the sitcom that is any modern household kitchen. It’s like we’re actually absurd enough to think you need to be convinced to eat these naturally sweet treats by the handful. We don’t, […]

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