Your Guide To The Ultimate Holiday Charcuterie Board

Deck the charcuterie halls with boughs of Pretty Lady Grapes! Because, really, what’s a party without these divas of the vine? Picture this: grapes so glamorous, it makes your whole board blush with envy. Is it their stunning colors, or their knack for mingling with any snack? It’s a grape mystery, but who cares when […]

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Keep California Grapes Front and Center

Ring, ring, ring! Last call! California’s finest, Pretty Lady Grapes, are reaching their grand finale for the season. But don’t let the grape party end without a bang! Here are some juicy tips to make sure your store steals the grape spotlight: 1. Dive into the world of grapeness with our Virtual Grape Guide – your […]

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Merchandising for Fall: Labor Day and Halloween

And just like that, fall is already on the horizon, running at us like a group of 7-year-olds dressed as the Sanderson Sisters from the 1993 Halloween film Hocus Pocus. Yes, spooky season is among us which means it’s one of our most favorite times of the year – Harvest Hobgoblin time! We know your […]

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Introducing our Leading Ladies – Early Season Varieties

🎶Guess who’s back, back again – Pretty Lady’s back, tell a friend🎶 That’s right, Pretty Lady Fans, your beloved, delicious and oh so nutritious Pretty Lady Grapes are back in season and ready to dazzle the tastebuds of your ever so loving customers. We know that the off season has really been hard without us […]

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A No-fuss New Year’s Resolution

We’re not big “New year; new you” folks around here—why make something that’s supposed to help you feel better so overwhelming? In our estimation, you’re pretty darn great as is (you are a reader of this blog, after all), so no need to mess with success. Instead, a few small tweaks to your daily routine […]

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These Treats Aren’t Tricky

Well, it’s that time of year again. Yeah, you know what’s coming. It’s the little Halloween treat we’re obsessed with and will never stop posting—and we’re not even sorry about it. Is it complex? No. Impressive? Not really. Actually and completely adorable and a strong contender for stealing the spotlight at your Halloween shindig? Ab.So.Lute.Ly. […]

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All Things Holigrapes

Let’s talk merchandising; specifically, let’s talk the merchandising crunch that is summer through the new year. Back-to-school, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc.—before you know it, it’s January first and, sooner than you think, the whole cycle will start once again. Pretty Lady grapes are a go-to snack/ingredient/charcuterie-board-enhancer for just about everyone (well, everyone with taste), so it’s […]

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Falling for fall cocktails

Are you ready for some delicious autumnal beverages that don’t come in a white cup with a green mermaid? Yeah, us too. And, although temperatures are still frustratingly high—this is supposed to be boots season after all—now is the time to start incorporating fall flavors into your cocktails and mocktails. When you think about imbibing […]

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“Fall” in Love With Hobgoblin Displays

As you check the weather on your phone app, in the local paper, or simply by walking outside, fall-related anything probably feels laughably far away. But, like a freight train filled with decorative gourds and too much nutmeg, fall is bearing down on us with great, crisp urgency. If you haven’t already, now is the […]

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Don’t Labor Over Displays

As displays and merchandising go, few holidays are a better fit for fresh produce than Labor Day. This first Monday of each September marks the social and economic achievements of the American workforce; it’s fitting, then, that many of us celebrate it by taking time to rest, rejuvenate, and spend much-needed time with family. The […]

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’Tis the Season (no, not that one)

Like it or not, back-to-school season is hurtling toward us at breakneck speed. And though the summer sun continues to warm our face and take the edge off the swimming pool’s icy waters, it’s time to start thinking brown bag lunches and grab-on-your-way-out-the-door breakfasts. The easiest way to stave off the September Scaries is to […]

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Name That Grape

When it comes to Pretty Lady grapes, there’s much more to it than the simple question of “red” or “green.” Our grapes are multifaceted, nuanced, subtle, and surprising—in both appearance and flavor. Since grape season is just about in full swing, you’ll be getting more and more questions about your selection: flavor profile, availability, maybe […]

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Get Ready for Grapes

It’s time to get ready for grape season. Bountiful fruit salad (red and green and black/mixed varieties, please and thank you), frozen grape “cubes,” and refreshing smoothies await. Can’t you just taste them? It’s what summer is all about. And, of course, Pretty Lady grapes are delicious all on their own—crisp and cool and fresh […]

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