One easy way to highlight our beautiful and delicious Pretty Lady Grapes is to show where and how they can fit into your customers’ weekly meal prep plans. Grapes are such a delicious snack in and of themselves, that harried shoppers don’t always think to throw extra in their carts to have on hand as ingredients. As our recipe page illustrates, grapes can serve as versatile components of many prepared dishes. They also do a fabulous job of sprucing up certain healthy-but-not-earth-shatteringly-exciting meal basics on the fly—think salads, quinoa, crudité platters, smoothies, etc. 

This is a great time of year to remind your shoppers that meal time doesn’t have to be an elaborate, stressful affair—and meal prep doesn’t have to be much more than having pre-chopped veggies, fresh fruit, and marinated or pre-cooked protein on hand. Veggies, hummus, and fruit or a creative salad can be just as nutritious and filling as a meal that requires a lot of time, perfectly measured ingredients, and clock-watching. Grapes, with that inherent sweetness that tempers their tart bite, are naturals in desserts as well. Our Pretty Lady Grape Empanadas and Pretty Lady Grape Frozen Yogurt highlight this point quite nicely. 

And, while we may be biased (but, really, anyone who’s tasted a magnificent Pretty Lady grape certainly is), we’re not the only ones who think grapes belong, well, just about everywhere. This article from Taste of Home lists 15 mouth-watering recipes that feature grapes in the starring role, from a shrimp skillet to a succulent steak! 
May your produce section be filled with curious “preppers,” and if you’re interested in learning more merchandising tips and tricks, check out our virtual grape guide.