We’re not big “New year; new you” folks around here—why make something that’s supposed to help you feel better so overwhelming? In our estimation, you’re pretty darn great as is (you are a reader of this blog, after all), so no need to mess with success. Instead, a few small tweaks to your daily routine can yield amazing benefits. One such tweak we’ve found quite helpful involves something that’s a common Achilles heel: candy. Sure, we say we only keep it in the house for the kids, and yet we seem to be the first to reach for it. And not just at home, either. It’s a temptation at work, at parties…no more so than around the holidays. And there’s nothing wrong with sweet treats in moderation, but the problem is many of us (*gestures emphatically toward self*) can’t help but reach for piece after piece on more days than we’d like. 

And that’s where Pretty Lady grapes come in. Sweet and satisfying, Pretty Ladies are a natural candy substitute. And not just because they taste delicious, either. Grapes are high in vitamins B and K as well as the mineral copper. They’re also chock full of those all-important antioxidants (warriors against free radicals). So, with grapes, you’re not just abstaining from something unhealthy, you’re doing something actively healthy—you’re not just removing bad, you’re adding good. 
True candy addicts (*gestures emphatically toward self*) may need to add some extra sweetness to even the sweetest fruit to get over the white-sugar hump. No fear, our recipe page has got you covered when it comes to desserts and candy-like confections. And if you prefer your treats icy cold, do not miss our post on frozen grapes.