🎶Guess who’s back, back again – Pretty Lady’s back, tell a friend🎶

That’s right, Pretty Lady Fans, your beloved, delicious and oh so nutritious Pretty Lady Grapes are back in season and ready to dazzle the tastebuds of your ever so loving customers. We know that the off season has really been hard without us – trust me, we missed our little prized possessions too. But after counting down the days, minutes and even seconds, they’re finally here hitting the shelves of your produce department and going home with their adoring fans. Without further ado, we couldn’t be more excited to introduce to you our early season varieties – our ‘Leading Ladies’ if you will.

Red Varieties:

Flames (July – August)

Ruby Rush (July – August) *NEW

Green Varieties:

Sugar Drop (July – August)

Esteem (mid-July – September)

Black/Mixed Varieties:

Summer Royal (July – August)

Midnight Beauty (mid-July – August)

Now, you may have noticed the very loud ‘NEW’ right next to our Ruby Rush variety…that’s because our Ruby Rush variety is indeed NEW this season! Our Ruby Rush is sweet, juicy, and incredibly tasty. We cannot wait for your customers to fall in love with Pretty Lady Grapes all over again after trying this new variety. AND – as if there weren’t already enough surprises – We are so excited to introduce to you Pretty Lady Organic varieties available this 2023 season!

As always, be sure to keep our Pretty Ladies on display near the front of your produce department! Not only will this drive sales, but they’re also just so dang pretty, they honestly deserve the spotlight.