And just like that, fall is already on the horizon, running at us like a group of 7-year-olds dressed as the Sanderson Sisters from the 1993 Halloween film Hocus Pocus. Yes, spooky season is among us which means it’s one of our most favorite times of the year – Harvest Hobgoblin time! We know your customer’s love our Hobgoblin brand almost as much as we do and for those people out there who have been waiting all year for it to be fall again (you know who we’re talking about – the pumpkin spice latte loving, sweater wearing, Halloween obsessed percentage of the population) the moment they see our No Trick, All Treat™ Harvest Hobgoblin grab-n-go bags, filled full of our sweet, flavorful & crispy grapes, the excitement that will overcome them is insurmountable.

As your shoppers Trick-or-Treat their way through your produce department this season, it is IMPERATIVE to make sure you have all the items necessary to make their gatherings ghoulishly delicious. The star of those festivities – well California Table Grapes of course! Our Harvest Hobgoblin red, green, and black grapes make the perfect addition to the spooktacular spreads your customers will be hosting this fall. Need a little produce aisle inspiration? Check out our Virtual Grape Guide with variety information and printable recipe and merchandising cards.

Although it technically may not be fall until September 23rd, everyone knows fall really begins at the stroke of midnight on Labor Day so make sure you get those Harvest Hobgoblin displays out and ready for the masses. You can thank us later!