Well, it’s that time of year again. Yeah, you know what’s coming. It’s the little Halloween treat we’re obsessed with and will never stop posting—and we’re not even sorry about it. Is it complex? No. Impressive? Not really. Actually and completely adorable and a strong contender for stealing the spotlight at your Halloween shindig? Ab.So.Lute.Ly. Easy to make, and cute beyond belief, this healthy treat does double-duty as a fun activity for little (and not-so-little) kiddos:

Fresh Fruit Halloween Cups from Hip2Save

Okay, now that we’ve, ahem, gotten that out of our system, let’s look at some other recipes that will take your Halloween party from whooo-hoooo-oooo (*wiggles fingers in a ghostly fashion*) to wooow-hoow-wow! We love incorporating grapes (Pretty Lady grapes, that is) into our Halloween creations because they just sort of fit with the spooky season. From their little alien-orb shape to their squishy, pop-y texture, grapes are the perfect fruit to haunt October lunch boxes, road trip snacks, and candy hangover November 1st breakfasts! Want a couple more recipes? Here’s two that jump(scared) out at us…

Candied Grapes from Rachel Schultz on Homemaking

Hold up. Homemade “candy” that will send you back to the days of pucker-producing Sour Patch Kids? Yes, please. (Psst! The secret is in the instant jello powder.) A more detailed walk-thru can be found at My Kitchen Escapades.

Black Magic Cocktail from Champagne & Coconuts

Yuuummmmmm… The sweetness of vanilla schnapps combined with the perfect snappy bite of our Harvest Hobgoblin red and green grapes take this fancy-but-easy-to-make spooky cocktail to the next level.

For more delicious options for holidays or any-days, please check out the Pretty Lady recipe page. Boo!