Let’s talk merchandising; specifically, let’s talk the merchandising crunch that is summer through the new year. Back-to-school, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc.—before you know it, it’s January first and, sooner than you think, the whole cycle will start once again. Pretty Lady grapes are a go-to snack/ingredient/charcuterie-board-enhancer for just about everyone (well, everyone with taste), so it’s important to give some thought to how to keep them front and center for the rest of 2022. We think a great place to start is our virtual grape guide. Not only is it chock full of merchandising tips, it also has a handy calendar to track availability at a glance. There are marketing materials, storage guidelines, and lots of other helpful stuff. 

Sharing meal, snack, and beverage ideas (yes, grape beverages—and we don’t mean plain ol’ juice either; check out our latest post if you’re wondering what we’re talking about) is a wonderful way to connect with your shoppers. Our recipe page has everything from a refreshing smoothie to a warm and tempting pizza. Grapes of any color are right at home starring in cornucopias, but would they look fabulous on a miniature edible Christmas tree? We think you know the answer to that question. In fact, we have a recipe for a grape Christmas tree that’s absolutely adorable and all set to share with your customers come December. And a little birdie (elf?) told us that, in lieu of cookies this year, Santa would prefer an adorably toasty Hob-Baby Grape-Apple Skillet

So, get those IRL Pretty Lady and Hobgoblin displays ready for your produce section (if you haven’t already), and start shouting grape-y holiday ideas from your social-media-rooftops. Your shoppers are sure to thank you when they’re enjoying a couple Pisco Smashes (grape brandy and muddled red grapes = yummo) around a Scarlotta centerpiece.