Are you ready for some delicious autumnal beverages that don’t come in a white cup with a green mermaid? Yeah, us too. And, although temperatures are still frustratingly high—this is supposed to be boots season after all—now is the time to start incorporating fall flavors into your cocktails and mocktails. When you think about imbibing in autumn, your mind may wander to hot toddies or Irish coffees. While those are a couple of our favorites for taking the edge off a chilly day, there are plenty of ways to incorporate fall flavors into beverages served in chilled glasses or with handfuls of ice (and by “ice” we mean, of course, Pretty Lady frozen grapes—we have a whole post dedicated to this magical deliciousness right here). We recommend experimenting with fall Pretty Ladies such as Scarlet Royals or Autumn Royals; October brings even more options like Scarlottas and Adoras. Curious? Check out the recipes below to get started.

Cranberry-orange Gin Fizz With Thyme from One Sweet Mess

Top this treat with frozen Scarlet and Autumn Royals for an unexpected pop of sweet flavor that will perfectly complement the citrus and cranberry. 

Pisco Smash from Food & Wine

Ready to get fancy? Try this elegant cocktail that relies on grape brandy and muddled fresh red grapes for its rich flavor. 

Pumpkin Apple Cider Shandy from With Salt & Wit

The perfect melding of summer and fall, you can top this transitional treat with very thinly sliced grapes—both red and black/mixed varieties will complement the apple/pumpkin/orange fizzy deliciousness of this beer-based cocktail (just be sure the grapes are crisp and chilled before slicing).