Ring, ring, ring! Last call! California’s finest, Pretty Lady Grapes, are reaching their grand finale for the season. But don’t let the grape party end without a bang! Here are some juicy tips to make sure your store steals the grape spotlight:

1. Dive into the world of grapeness with our Virtual Grape Guide – your go-to source for dazzling merchandising tips, marketing magic, and other grape-tastic tools. It’s like a backstage pass to the grape extravaganza! 

2. Let the grape vines go viral! Share the grape love on social media, connect with fellow grape enthusiasts, swap recipes, and shout to the world why these grapes are stealing the show.

3. We’re all about teamwork! Pair our perfect grapes with other goodies from your store. We’ve got easy printable recipe cards and a delightful Charcuterie scavenger hunt – because who can resist a tasty team-up? 

So imagine the endless possibilities of grapes fitting into your shoppers’ lives, especially during the holidays. From festive party apps to holiday cocktails, the holiGRAPE spirit is real!