Deck the charcuterie halls with boughs of Pretty Lady Grapes! Because, really, what’s a party without these divas of the vine? Picture this: grapes so glamorous, it makes your whole board blush with envy. Is it their stunning colors, or their knack for mingling with any snack? It’s a grape mystery, but who cares when you’re having this much fun! Don’t worry if you’re a charcuterie rookie, we’ve got some tips for the most perfect board!

First things first- you now live and breathe the 3-3-3-3 method. This is the key to success!

– 3 meats (varieties of salami, prosciutto, cured sausages)

– 3 cheeses (any cheese that will make your taste buds sing)!

– 3 starch options (crackers, bread – because, carbs are life)

– 3 fruity sensations: Pretty Lady Grapes (the star of our show), apples, and berries (because why not mix it up?).

Now, don’t stress about fancy shapes. Your cheese doesn’t need a geometry lesson, and your salami isn’t auditioning for a food art competition, just basic shapes folks! Arranging Bowls are going to be your wingmen; they fill those gaps like a friend filling awkward silences.

Now behold your charcuterie masterpiece, but here’s the twist: our season is ending soon, so hurry and let the good times roll, until our grape party returns! May your holidays be merry, and your Pretty Lady Grapes be bright!