It may not feel like fall, but fall is, I assure you, bearing down on us like a pumpkin-spice-latte-bedecked freight train. Visions of PB&Js and baby carrots are dancing through our heads as we try to unlock the secret formula that will keep our crafty kiddos from dropping a half-eaten lunch into the wastebasket.

Fruit is, historically, a sack lunch no-brainer. And why shouldn’t it be? The majority of kid-favorite fruits are portable, nutritious, and sweet; apples, oranges, and bananas even come with their own built-in container. It’s no surprise, then, how often grapes make an appearance at lunch tables the world over—whether at elementary schools, offices, or that park down the street where you can finally get some peace and quiet to get some work done!

While it’s easy to grab a bunch of grapes out of the fridge, rinse ’em, pat ’em, and drop ’em in a baggie, there are a ton of fun and quick recipes that can take grapes from a conventional (albeit delicious) snack to a unique and often filling meal or treat. Check out some of our favorite back-to-school recipes below, and find even more on our full recipe page.

Grape-Oatmeal Cups

Grape Bars

Pretty Lady Grape Empanadas

Quick-fix California Grape Pizza