You don’t need magic to ensure your shoppers have access to the world’s most delicious grapes—you just need many, many packages of Pretty Ladies resting elegantly on your refrigerated shelves. Whether Top Seal trays or stand-up pouches, Pretty Lady grapes bring color and panache to even the most discriminating produce sections.

We’re in the thick of it now, and likely your customers have already been enjoying Sugar Drops, Flames, and other July varieties. But the August beauties are just coming up, followed closely by September varieties like Autumn Royals and cozy little winter babies, including the delicious Adoras and Scarlottas. Looking to refresh your memory on the entire Pretty Lady line? We got you. After all, a produce section without Pretty Ladies is, well…pretty darn boring.


Sugar Drop (July–August)

Esteem (July–September)

Emerald (August–November)

Autumn King (September–November)

Autumn Crisp (October–December)


Flames (July–August)

Timco (August–September)

Scarlet Royal (August–November)

Scarlotta (October–December)


Summer Royal (July–August)

Midnight Beauty (July–September)

Autumn Royal (September–November)

Adora (October–December)

So, make sure those icy, cold shelves are adequately festooned in shades of red, green, and purply black deliciousness this year. Nothing says fall like a crisp, earthy Pretty Lady.
And if you need an additional refresher and tips on storing, merchandising, and promoting, be sure to download our great Grape Guide!