Now say that ten times fast! Luckily, mastery of tongue-twisters isn’t necessary to enjoy Pretty Lady’s late-season grapes. They’re all delicious, but we’re particularly excited about this year’s Green Emeralds. They have a fantastic shelf life and are. Absolutely. Huge. We love them fresh and rinsed and unadorned, but they are amazing in recipes as well. Shoppers aren’t necessarily thinking of grapes as ingredients (especially at this time of year, when visions of fruit-salad-y, gingham-bedecked picnics are fading from view), which is why our Green Emeralds provide a great opportunity to get your shoppers thinking differently about these versatile orbs and how they can be incorporated into fall and winter dishes. What screams harvest-festival fall goodness like a caramel apple? How about an utterly delicious caramel-dipped Green Emerald grape? Making these is a blast for the whole family, and eating them is even better. You can find the recipe here.

All of our Pretty Lady late-season varieties are wonderful, and it can be fun to mix flavors for meals and snacks that are truly unique. Combining Green Emeralds with our black Adora’s creates the base of the filling for our Pretty Lady sweet empanadas. This is a great recipe to share with your shoppers as it may be something they have not tried before, but many of the flavors are comforting and familiar (brown sugar, cinnamon, etc.). They’re sure to be a hit.

Most of all, remind your shoppers that this is a phenomenal time of year for grapes, and it will remain that way through most of December. For all the Pretty Ladies you can find between now and the end of the year (in addition to lots of other helpful info), check out our virtual grape guide.