Floaties and pool noodles have been packed away and fresh fruit salad has given way to crisp apple slices, orange wedges, and big bunches of beautiful grapes. Speaking of which, our Harvest Hobgoblin grapes are in full swing and ready to make your shelves look their autumnal best. But we’re not just talking pumpkin latte season here, you’ll want to emphasize our delicious red, green, and black jewels right on through the winter holidays.

We think a great place to start is our virtual grape guide. Not only is it chock full of merchandising tips, but it also has a handy calendar to track availability at a glance. There are marketing materials, storage guidelines, and lots of other helpful stuff. We think it’s pretty cool and absolutely aren’t biased one bit (okay, well maybe a leeetle).

When considering promotions and what to share with your shoppers, recipes are a great place to start. Our recipe page has everything from a refreshing smoothie to a warm and tempting pizza (yes, you heard us correctly). Grapes of any color are right at home starring in cornucopias, but would they look fabulous on a miniature edible Christmas tree? We think you know the answer to that question. In fact, we have a recipe for a grape Christmas tree that’s absolutely adorable and all set to share with your customers come December. Promoting our grapes in-store and online via your social media platforms is easier if you keep an open mind and use your imagination when it comes to the ways grapes can fit into your shoppers’ lifestyles (especially around the winter holidays). From cheery party appetizers to festive holiday punches, the holiGRAPE possibilities are endless…don’t let your shoppers forget it!