Crop and Variety Update

Looking for beautiful, flavorful, and crisp grapes to fill your produce aisles? Look no further than Pretty Lady Vineyards! Shipping now from California are the Autumn King, Autumn Crisp, Scarlet Royal, Scarlotta, Midnight Beauty, and Adora varieties. The quality and size on these beauties is spectacular, place your orders today!

Featured Varieties

Autumn Crisp (Green)

These grapes are typically an
extra-large round berry in large,
clustered bunches. They are extremely crisp and juicy while exhibiting sweet flavors with a mild muscat profile.

Size: 14/16th – Inch/plus Brix: 18 – 21

Midnight Beauty (Black)

The name speaks for itself! These grapes are delicious and not to mention extra-large elongated berries! These grapes are very sweet with little to no aftertaste. They have strong flesh and a super crisp texture.

Size: 14/16th – Inch/plus Brix: 19 – 22

Scarlotta (Red)

These grapes tend to be a very uniform bunch with soft crisp textures. They are very firm and have excellent storage capabilities and provide sweet and juicy flavors. These grapes are large, oval elongated, and produce red to dark red berries.

Size: 13/16th – 14/16th Brix: 19 – 23

Scarlet Royal (Red)

These grapes are packaged in large clusters with exceptionally strong shelf lives. They have a darker red hue while providing a bold and robust flavor your consumers will keep coming back for.

Size: 13/16th – 14/16th Brix: 18 – 22

Adora (Black)

Our Adora grapes display a color profile of a purplish-black color which stands out. They have extra-large, crisp berries and sometimes can be a two-bite-eating grape! These grapes have thin skin with an exceptional fleshy interior.

Size: 14/16th – Inch/plus