Our Hobgoblin-branded merchandise boxes and cartons are natural superstars (or, for this time of year, “supernatural stars”) of the Halloween aisle, but a little birdie (in a bat costume) told us that these autumnal displays add a distinct fall flair to produce sections all season long. Healthy Halloween options that are actually fun and actually taste good (get outta here with those musty raisin boxes) are few and far between. Busy shoppers looking for something a bit more creative than mini candy bars and old-lady strawberry hard candies will be filled with gratitude when they come across your store’s beautiful Harvest Hobgoblin displays. So, place them front and center in high-traffic areas; while our “Hobs” certainly stand out in a crowd, there’s no reason to tuck them away in a corner, either. (Nobody puts Hob-y in a corner, after all.)

Our bright, beautiful Harvest Hobgoblin packages are synonymous with spooky, fall fun. No matter how your shoppers plan on spending All Hallows’ Eve, tasty, colorful, healthy Hobs are the treats they’ll want gobs of! And don’t forget the veritable armies of parents currently shopping for sack lunch sundries. What’s better than a container of icy cold, brightly colored grapes peeking out at you from a plain ol’ brown bag? Nothing, that’s what. (And, for more on that, take a peek at this post on how to “un-boring” your sack lunch.) Looking for more? Check out our Retailers Information page to learn more about all of our varieties—including our wonderful Harvest Hobgoblins!