For the full effect, read the following à la Friends’ Chandler Bing: Could this Back-to-School season BE any more bonkers? 

And, at this point, would it even be that strange if Mr. Chandler Bing himself strolled into your living room and uttered the above statement himself? Isn’t that what 2020 has been all about—completely weird and unexpected flotsam and jetsam just showing up and throwing everything off-kilter? Remember murder hornets?!

Anyway, whether it’s back-to-school or back-to-home (hence, schome), you need snack and meal ideas that are fun, quick, and in our humble opinion, super grape-y.

We defy you to find a more adorable snack than the one below. And by using a jar of premade caramel dipping sauce, you’ll take this recipe from “easy” to “easy-peasy.” Kiddos old enough to be around the stove will have a great time helping with the dipping…

Caramel Dipped Pretty Lady Grapes

Whether you need a grab-and-go breakfast or a grab-and-Zoom-class-starts-in-five-minutes breakfast, this make-ahead, nutritious treat is a portable, poppable dream. Sweet and yummy, not only is this recipe vegan, it has not one single morsel of refined sugar…

Grape-Oatmeal Cups

In case you missed it (or, ICYMI, as is the parlance of the future…sigh), our recipes go way beyond snacks and other munchables. Think pork chops with grapes, grape thyme focaccia, black grape bruschetta, and more. And then, once your mouth has stopped watering, check out our full recipe page.