Okay, so maybe there won’t be a Paul Revere-esque horseman riding through the streets heralding the coming of Pretty Lady grape season, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared. Start thinking bountiful fruit salad, frozen “grape-sicles,” and refreshing smoothies now so you’ll be all set to purchase and pop ’em in your mouth when they arrive next month. 

Whether you’re a Sugar Drop gal or a Flames fella, both red and green varieties of Pretty Ladies are coming at ya’ starting in July and gracing your palate through December. As the saying goes, “if you know, you know.” And if you know Pretty Lady grapes, you know they’re delicious simply rinsed and tossed in a bowl. But you’re going to want to buy gobs, so why not get fancy with a few? Here are some of our favorite warm-weather recipes, perfect for your next backyard BBQ (Remember those??), or laying poolside and enjoying a quiet day with nothing but the cool breeze to keep you company.

Pretty Lady Grape Frozen Yogurt

Pretty Lady Grapes Green Smoothie

Pretty Lady Mini Cheese Balls

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