As Mary Poppins somewhat boldly announces, she’s practically perfect in every way. Well, Pretty Lady grapes are entirely perfect in every way. Don’t believe us? Well, then, you’ve just admitted to never having tried one! We recommend you rectify that travesty toot sweet! (Tout suite if you’re fancy…or simply French.)

But, if you’re one of the smart, beautiful people (yes, grapes can indeed make you smarter and, erm, beautiful-er—learn more here) who have tried one of our astoundingly succulent gems, you know they taste amazing, but you might not know why. And we’ve decided you should. Why? Well, frankly, we don’t have to give you a reason. It’s our blog—we make the rules.

Pretty Lady Vineyards is a family business…like a real-life, old-school family business. Jakov Dulcich began working in vineyards in 1960 and, after meticulously saving up, established his own vineyard some years later. Today, Pretty Lady Vineyards is co-owned and co-run by Jakov’s sons: Peter and Nick, with Peter overseeing farm operations and Nick overseeing marketing operations. How steeped in grapes are Peter and Nick? They began learning the art of growing grapes around the same time they learned to read and write. 

Peter and Nick never stop innovating. Take, for example, their top seal packaging. Launched in 2018, top seal packages have completely sealed, tamper-evident tops. The trays used in these packages are 100% recyclable. These babies are compact, have the lowest of low environmental footprint, and are super convenient and super safe. And the Dulcich brothers’ penchant for creativity and forward thinking? Well, you know it extends to every aspect of their growing operation as well.

The Dulcich brothers are innovators in design and masters in taste. And their legacy is one of commitment, passion, and the promise to consider what goes on your table as important as what goes on theirs. We could go on and on, but Yakov’s own words explain it best…

J.P. Dulcich and Sons is committed to protecting the environment and the natural resources for generations to come. It is the Dulcich Family’s promise to always deliver a safe, reliable, and high quality product from our family to your customers.

-Jakov P. Dulcich