It’s July and do you know what that means? *drumroll please 🥁* The Pretty lady Season has begun! That’s right, the moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here. Now you can look forward to finding our delicious Pretty Ladies at your local grocery stores for the rest of the year. From our flagship Pretty Lady Vineyard’s brand to our seasonal Fall Harvest Hobgoblins and Winter special Holly Jolly’s, there’s plenty of Pretty Lady Grapes to go around and we hope you are just as excited as we are! Our awesome staff has been working extremely hard (at a safe distance, of course) these past few months to make sure our beautiful vines are in pristine condition to produce that delicious fruit we all know and love. Which is probably making you wonder…what does it take to grow a Pretty Lady Grape?

A lot more than just hopes and wishes, that’s for sure! At the end of every season, our vines go through a so to speak ‘hibernation’ period after the grapes are harvested but just because they have completed their job for the year does not mean our vines are anywhere close to being done. Once harvested, the vines go through pruning and continue to get watered during their dormant period, ensuring each trunk is packed with the proper amount of nutrients to produce those Pretty Ladies we all enjoy for the next season. Once Spring hits, the buds break and the blooming process begins followed by a thinning of the vines to make room for the perfect bunches of grapes to grow. If you refer to our recent blog “How Grapes are Grown” you will get a more detailed explanation to what our 7-step growing process consists of: Pruning/Tying, Budding, Blooming, Bunch Work, Leafing/Cane Cutting, Girdling, and lastly, Harvest/Packing.

Grape growing process aside, it takes a lot of hard work, patience and dedication to grow a great Pretty Lady Grape. We take pride in having an amazing staff and delicious Pretty Lady Grapes year after year and are always ecstatic to share our wonderful creations with you.

Be on the lookout this July for our Pretty Lady Grapes in your grocery stores and remember the amazing and intricate journey they took to get there. Summer wouldn’t be summer without a big bowl of Pretty Lady Grapes to snack on and we hope that you have a ‘grape’ Summer!