We’re just gonna come right out and say it. Sometimes there is nothing better than an alcoholic beverage after a long day. Better yet: after a particularly hard week.

Grapes (and other fruit, for that matter) are a great addition to cocktails, beers, and other beverages. They can add subtle boosts of flavor without being too overpowering. 

They also have a *little* to do with that delicious, age-old celebratory drink: wine. 

Here are some of our favorite recent grape beverage recipes. And, yes, we’re talking specifically about the kind mama won’t want to share with the kiddos.

Grape and Blackberry Bramble, from The Girl on Bloor

This refreshing cocktail uses a grape simple syrup, something you might want to play around with and try in other concoctions as well (maybe not all on the same night).

Green Grape Frojitos from Hungry Girl

Green grapes deserve some love, too. These Frojitos are minty, citrusy, rum-tastic blended drinks. Hungry Girl suggests using Splenda or other sugar substitutes, but you can also use sugar or simple syrup, if you prefer. Hungry Girl’s current recipe is estimated to be about 8 Smartpoints on the Weight Watchers plan. #worthit! 

Smashed Grape Cocktail from Tasty Kitchen

This one is advertised as a perfect drink for summer, but because it’s refreshing, light, and easy to make, we think it’s worth keeping on year-round rotation.

Black Grape Bourbon

This four-ingredient drink makes great use of black grapes. Not only does their sweetness blend perfectly with the bourbon, but their polyphenols may even help with heart health! 

Frozen Grapes in Wine

If you’re too tired to get creative with your cocktail recipes tonight, there’s always this tried-and-true classic! Plunk some frozen grapes in a glass of wine for an easy, refreshing drink.