Is it just us or does it feel like summer gets shorter and shorter every year? 

Now that school is back in session (seriously, how did that happen?!), us parents are back to finding strategic ways to keep our kiddos well-fed without breaking the bank or monopolizing all our precious free time. 

Grapes are a great stand-alone snack any time of day. Just a few of their health benefits include that they are:

  • Nutrient dense
  • High in antioxidants
  • Good for heart health
  • Can benefit eye health
  • Can improve memory and attentiveness

In addition to popping them in your mouth by the handful, there are plenty of ways to implement them into easy, healthy recipes that will satisfy kids and adults alike. 

Here are some of our favorites…


Start your day off with fiber, potassium, and a heap of other nutrients with this quick, refreshing smoothie recipe. Smoothies are such a great way to sneak leafy greens into your kids’ diet (and your own!), without compromising on taste. This particular recipe uses agave to give a sweet boost, without any added sugar.


We love this recipe from Pip And Ebby. It takes one of America’s favorite classic lunch staples and gives it a modern facelift. Our favorite part of this recipe? You can switch out the type of nut butter and type of bread/wrap you use (and even the grape variety!) for a whole bunch of different flavor combinations. Or even use Nutella and grapes for a fun dessert combination. 


Speaking of variety, you can’t beat the endless possibilities of cheese and fruit pairings. We love these grape kebabs from Eating Well, but one could just as easily put grapes and other favorite fruit pieces in a bento next to some cheese chunks and/or crackers, and achieve a charcuterie style lunch option that is light, simple, and full of health benefits.


The Produce Moms have put together a page of grape recipes that are easy-to-prep and fun-to-eat for school and work meals, as well as after school/ after work snacks. We really love their take on trail mix, in particular! 

For more ideas, visit our Pinterest boards. We’ve got inspiration for how to incorporate Pretty Lady Grapes into school lunches, breakfast, snacks, easy mid-week meals, and more! 

What are some of your own favorite recipes to make with grapes? Any favorites from your own childhood? Let us know in the comments!