It’s almost harvesting season here at Pretty Lady Vineyards and we could not be more excited. As we speak, our little Pretty Ladies are on the vine and just about finished with their flowering stage. Wait…you didn’t know that grapes bloom? Yes, dear friend, much like many other fruits, grapes bloom and little baby grapes are born. Have many of you ever really thought about what goes into harvesting the perfect Pretty Lady Grape? Of course, they don’t just magically appear out of thin air, though their taste is nothing short of magical.

Pretty Lady Grapes in Blooming Stage

A lot of hard work goes into giving our Pretty Ladies that perfect crisp bite and delectable taste. I’m sure by now you are very curious as to what it actually takes to produce our grapes. Well, the wait is finally over because today we are going to share with you our ‘grape’ step-by-step Pretty Lady growing process. So, sit back, relax and read along with us as we take you behind the scenes…

Step 1: Pruning/Tying

Selection is key in this step, it is all about selecting the proper spur of cane to have the best quality.

Step 2: Budding

Marks the start of the season

Step 3: Blooming

Critical time where the grapes are born

Step 4: Bunch Work

Like an artist perfecting their painting, this is where they thin and cut the bunch structures to shape the perfect bunch

Step 5: Leafing/Cane Cutting

The canes can grow all the way to the ground, in this process they cut the canes so that the grapes can aerate and the sunshine can reach the grapes. This helps develop the color of the grapes.

Step 6: Girdling

Done every year, a cut is sliced on the trunk of the vines to aid with the nutrition and water moving up into the vines.

Step 7: Harvest/Packing

Once the proper sugar has been achieved, the grapes are harvested and packaged. During the packing, quality control and grading is done to ensure the best product at the retail store.

And just like that, after only a few steps, our pretty ladies are ready to be taken home and enjoyed by you, our wonderful consumers. We hope you enjoyed our step-by-step behind the scenes tour of our Pretty Lady Grapes growing and farming process.  For the past 50 years, our grapes have always been our top priority and we take pride in producing ‘The World’s Best Grapes’ year after year. Come July, be on the lookout for us in the produce section! It’s no rumor that our grapes really are as pretty as everyone says.