Growing & Farming

Extra care at every step...
makes the finest grapes in the world!

Delia Hilliard

Director of Finance and Information Technology Leader

Delia is the Director of Finance for both Jakov Dulcich & Sons, LLC and Sunlight International. Originally from Orange County, Delia has worked in agriculture for 17 years, 12 of those with Jakov Dulcich & Sons, LLC. Delia earned her MBA from California State University Bakersfield. She is the proud Mother of two of the finest men in the world and which in her words is “best accomplishment of my life, so far”. Delia is the wife to a great guy and is ready for the next chapter and challenge both at home and with Jakov Dulcich & Sons where she is an integral part of both its history, as well as its future.

Fun Fact: Enjoy Horseradish on everything, yes, even my grapes!

Favorite Dulcich Grape: The “Unknown Black” since I am a woman of mystery.

Jacob McCaa

General Manager

Jacob has been working with Jakov Dulcich and Sons, LLC since 2013, when he was hired as a Ranch Manager.  In 2015 his role transitioned to the General Manger.  Jacob earned his MBA from the University of Maryland University College, while previously obtaining a B.S. in Biology from Cal State University Bakersfield with minors in Chemistry and Spanish. Jacob plays an integral part connecting the field and office here at Dulcich where he works first hand with ownership to ensure company success. He also wears many hats in his role as General Manager, as he oversees the Human Resources department, Purchasing, Compliance Management, Project Management and Plant Asset Management.

Fun Fact: Learned to speak Spanish during a two year church mission in Puerto Rico.

Favorite Dulcich Grape: Esteem (Sheegene-2)

Mary Ann Bisogno

Accounting Manager

Mary Ann is the Accounting Manager at Dulcich and Sunlight. Mary Ann has been working at Dulcich since May of 2008 where she has learned about farming, growing, harvesting and shipping. Prior to her time at Dulcich Mary Ann worked in the medical field in accounting.

Fun Fact: I love seeing our grapes in the store, it gives me pride in what we do.

Favorite Dulcich Grape: My favorite Grape is the Esteem (Sheegene-2) , crunchy and sweet… yummy

Mayra Contreras

Payroll Manager

Mayra is our Payroll Manager and has been with the Company for over 10 years.

Isabel Ochoa

Accounts Payable Manager

Isabel grew up in Delano, CA where she still calls home. She’s been working in Ag business for over 20 years, and has been with the Dulcich family since 2008. She loves spending time with her family and traveling.

Fun fact: Her most favorite three things are God, family and 49er football!

Favorite Dulcich grape: Luisco (Sheegene-4) , especially right out of the freezer!

Rosana Torres


Rosana started working for the Dulcich family in 2007 in the shipping office and currently  works as our receptionist. She enjoys speaking and meeting our customers from all around the world on a daily basis.

Fun Fact: She lives by this quote daily: “ Live life to the fullest and always dream big!”

Favorite Dulcich Grape: Flames … sweet, and crunchy!

Nabor Torrez

Lead Field Supervisor

Nabor is a Lead Field Supervisor and leads the receiving of fruit from the field into the cold storage.  Nabor has been with the Company since 2000.

Hector Mora

Cold Storage Facility Manager

Hector manages our cold storage facility and leads the shipping of our fruit from the facility to our customers.  Hector has been with the Company since 1996.