The land gives us so much

We believe in giving something back


We’ve kept our land healthy and fertile for 50 years, and we’re making sure it stays that way for another 50 years and more. No one cares more about protecting the environment than the growers who live and work on it their whole lives. At Dulcich, we’re taking steps to preserve our land to ensure a healthy, sustainable future for our children… and our childrens’ children. Wherever we can, we re-use and recycle growing materials, eliminate the use of potentially harmful substances, and minimize the impact of our growing operations on the environment.

Purifying the water

We’re working to reverse the effects of nitrates in the ground water by using a reverse-osmosis water filtration system.

Over the past century, nitrates—a common fertilizer ingredient—have leached out of the soil and into our water sources. Our filtration system removes this potentially harmful contaminant so that we can nourish our grapes with clean, certified water. Just as important, we can ensure our employees enjoy access to pure, healthy water on site. It’s better for the fruit, better for our employees, and better for our customers and their families.

Minimizing organic waste

Dulcich maintains a flourishing composting program that allows us to re-use organic matter that would otherwise become landfill. We allow this organic waste to decompose naturally, and then we return it to the vineyards, where it enriches the soil and enhances our growing operations.

Growing naturally

We now use only natural products to protect, fertilize, and enhance our growing grapes. No artificial chemical compounds or potentially harmful treatments are used, which means they don’t end up in our products, in the land we farm, or in the wider environment. Where possible, we use organic options, such as the organic desert cactus we use to protect the roots of our vines from drought.

Going organic

Dulcich is committed to continually refining our growing methods and exploring new ways of improving the quality of our products and the health of lands. As part of this process, we are currently completing our first year of a three-year organic certification program.

For us, organic farming is one option among many to ensure the ongoing quality and yield of our vines. We look forward to seeing how the certification program can help us protect the health of our harvests, our lands, and our customers.

“At Dulcich, we don’t just plan for a year or two. We plan decades ahead, and it’s exciting to see the vision unfold.”
Peter Dulcich