Grapes this flavorful

deserve a little extra attention

Sunlight International

We launched Sunlight International, Dulcich’s sales and marketing division, in 1992. Our mission: to support the success of our global retailers. Ahead of the curve, we began investing in a brand that appeals to consumers and inspires their trust and loyalty, as well as packaging and promotions that entice shoppers and bring a splash of color and fun to the produce aisle.

Today, Sunlight International helps retailers around the world delight their customers and sell more grapes by creating exciting, memorable, and highly visual in-store experiences.

Meet our Favorite Lady

When the Pretty Lady made her debut nearly 20 years ago, no one could have predicted how famous she would become—not even us! Consumers of all ages and from all over the world have grown to love her and seek her out at their local supermarkets. She has become a recognized symbol of quality, good taste, and good times for families everywhere, reminding them that fresh, crisp grapes make their favorite moments and mealtimes even better.

Marketing & Packaging Innovations

At Sunlight International, we’re always looking for new ways to dazzle your customers and make the shopping experience more enjoyable.

We were the first grape grower to package our products in the Grab-N-Go bag, which protects the fruit, stands up tall to entice customers with colorful branding, and features a convenient handle that encourages impulse purchases. The bag also doubles as a colander, allowing customers to rinse and drain their grapes right in the bag.

We were also first to market with full-color, branded bins that provide an attractive setting for our luscious grapes and help our retailers make better use of their available floor space.

Summer, Fall, & Winter Campaigns

When our retailers told us their customers wanted to enjoy our grapes for more seasons in the year, we worked with our growing operations to make fresh, sweet grape varieties available from July to December.

To promote this extended growing season for Pretty Lady grapes, we launched seasonal, point-of-sale marketing campaigns that include Pretty Lady for the Summer, the Harvest Hobgoblin for the fall, and Pretty Lady for the Holidays to brighten the winter months.

Campaign materials include full-color display bins, Grab-N-Go bags, presentation boxes, posters, consumer tip cards, and shelf-danglers to add a festive touch and present grapes as the go-to snack for special holidays.

By listening to our retail partners, anticipating consumer trends, establishing a strong brand, and continually improving the way we present and market our product, we have helped our retailers achieve record sales as well as higher sell-through rates.

“Our consumer-friendly branding and innovative marketing strategies have been the key to our own success and that of our retailers.”

Nick Dulcich

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