Meet our crazy bunch!

The team at Sunlight International is hard at work delivering the freshest, best-tasting grapes to retailers all over the world.

Nick Dulcich

Co-owner and President of Sunlight International Sales, Inc.

Nick holds a degree in agribusiness with an emphasis in marketing from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. He worked in the LA wholesale market for Davalan sales and Chiquita Frupac before establishing Sunlight International. He sits on the advisory board of the California Table Grape Commission and the board of directors of the Grape and Tree Fruit League.

Fun Fact: Created all of Dulcich’s seasonal campaigns: Harvest Hobgoblin, Pretty Lady for Summer, Pretty Lady for the Holidays, The Incredible Grape Pumpkin Patch, The Grape Patch, and Holly Jolly Grapes.

Favorite Dulcich Grape: Green Emerald (Sheegene-17)

Peter Dulcich

Co-Owner and President of Sunlight International Sales, Inc.

There is no job that Peter has not done since he has grown up in this family owned and ran business. He knows what goes into producing the highest quality grapes and makes all the decisions a lifetime of farming has taught him. This is both his commitment and promise as not only President but also Director of all Farming Operations. He is a good steward of the land and keeps in touch with new up and coming growing trends. Mindful of keeping true to the purest and healthiest techniques, he puts an emphasis on research and programs focusing on not just organic but other new concepts. He is a great leader and can always be counted on, caring for every employee like family. He is focused on both managing and growing the company, yet still makes the effort to be involved in the community as well as being member and director on the local water boards. Our state-of-the-art storage and distribution center is under his watchful eye and he has plans and designs taking the company well into the future.

Fun Fact: Most at peace walking through a block at the end of harvest and reflecting on the completion of another growing cycle. He also enjoys hunting and golfing.

Favorite Dulcich Grape: Emerald (Sheegene-17)

Bert Boyd


Bert holds a BS from Easter Illinois University and has 39 years of procurement, operations, and management experience in the retail-food industry. He has worked for Eisner Food Stores, Jewel Food Stores, American Stores, and Topco Associates.

He has been with the Sunlight team for 9 years.

Fun Fact: Married to an awesome Pastor!

Favorite Dulcich Grape: All of them!

George Galloway


George has been involved in the produce industry for more than 30 years, and has specialized in marketing California table grapes since 1981.

He has been with the Sunlight team for 12 years.

Fun Fact: Former Colorado ski bum who hasn’t missed a season in 55 years

Favorite Dulcich Grape: All of them!

Anthony Stetson


Ryan Debuskey


Ethan Williams


Ethan holds a degree in Agriculture Science from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.  He has experience in the food and produce industry, consisting of both the harvest side as well as sales.

FUN FACT: Uses every available moment outside of the office to train himself and others in the sport of CrossFit and overall fitness.

Favorite Dulcich Grape: Esteem (Sheegene-2)

Gail Gill

Export Sales Coordinator/Food Safety Manager

Gail holds a BA from Sacramento State University. She assists Nick with all export sales and documentation.  Gail also manages the Food Safety program and 3rd party certification for the entire Dulcich operation.

She has been with the Sunlight team for 8 years.

Fun Fact: Loves DIY and remodeling projects

Favorite Dulcich Grape: Green Emerald (Sheegene-17)

Angela Hernandez

Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Angela holds a degree in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Special Education from Fresno State University.  Her array of work experience in produce has brought her over 10 years in the industry.

At Sunlight she supports the sales staff in the implementation of sales and marketing operations. She coordinates sales and field pack plans and supports the sales team in attaining sales targets as well as preparing all sales analytics and customer presentations.

Angela looks forward to growing in the industry!

Fun Fact:  Enjoys wine, traveling, and vegging out!

Favorite Dulcich Grape: Green Emerald (Sheegene-17)


Analia Astorga

HR/Sales Assistant

Analia simultaneously assists the HR Department and Sales office with the ability to take on numerous tasks at any given time.

She has been with the Sunlight team for 6 years.

Fun Fact: Loves sports!

Favorite Dulcich Grape: Green Emerald (Sheegene-17)