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Dulcich grows the biggest, sweetest, best-tasting California table grapes in the world.

Flame Seedless

Available July - september

The result of a cross between Thompson Seedless, Cardinal and several other varieties, the Flame Seedless is a round, crunchy, sweet grape with a deep-red color.

Majestic Red

Available august - september

Majestic is a red, seedless grape with large round berries.

Red Globe


The large, remarkable clusters of the Red Globe contain plum-size seeded berries. The Red Globe is popular for both eating and decorating during the holiday season.

ESTEEM (Sheegene-2)


An early season high brix variety with a unique and distinct flavor.


Available august - SEPTEMBER

Also known as “Melissa,” this variety is a new white seedless grape, yields large, sweet berries. They ripen about the same time as Thompson Seedless–America’s number one seedless grape. Berry shape of Princess Seedless is similar to Thompson Seedless, but berry size is larger with proper cultural practices.

EMERALD (Sheegene-17)


This unique variety is extra-large and crunchy with a flavorful taste.


Available july - september

Seedless variety with a large, round berry that is sweet.

Scarlet royal

Available september - november

If you love sweet, firm grapes, you’ll want to try the Scarlet Royal. Scarlet Royal seedless grapes have attractive, dark-red skin and translucent, pale yellow-green flesh. By ripening in early September, the grapes help fill the gap between the earlier-ripening Flame Seedless and the later-ripening Crimson Seedless.


Available august - SEPTEMBER

This red variety has firm, crisp berries with a sweetly tart, almost spicy, flavor.

autumn king

Available november - december

Plump, sweet and delicious Autumn King seedless grapes may soon become a favorite fresh-fruit snack for fall. This new, light-green—technically known as a “white “grape is firm, juicy and ready to harvest in October. Autumn King stays firm and sweet in cold storage, meaning that it will be available into December. The attractive, amply-sized grape is larger than Thompson Seedless.

luisco (Sheegene-4)

Available november - december

This new, green and “crunchy” grape is not ready to harvest until late October. Luisco stays firm and sweet in cold storage, meaning that it will be available through December. The attractive, nicely-sized grape has naturally loose berries.

Unknown variety black

Available july - september

Originally from Chile, the Unknown Variety ripens very early and shows distinctive sweet flavor. Ideal for snacks and salads.

autumn royal

Available september - december

This firm, seedless black grape has a sweet and crunchy flesh. This variety has a wonderful flavor and is perfect for the holidays. Ideal for snacks and salads.