The worlds best grapes...

50 years in the making!

For more than half a century, the Dulcich family has made it their mission to produce the biggest, sweetest, best-tasting California table grapes. Today, their Pretty Lady grapes are recognized and preferred by consumers all over the world.

Our History

In 1959, Jakov Dulcich and his wife Antoinette emigrated from Croatia to the New World. After spending a year in Chile, they settled in Delano, California, one of the best regions in the world for growing firm, luscious grapes. They worked in vineyards owned by Jakov’s uncle, saving enough to invest in their own small piece of farmland in 1975. Ten years later, they were able to devote themselves full-time to tending their very own farm. As the farm grew and prospered, so did Jakov and Antoinette’s family. Their two sons, Peter and Nick, followed in their parents’ footsteps, learning how to grow juicy, delicious grapes almost before they learned their ABC’s.

“Our mother and father always told us,‘Try your hardest. be the best that you can be.’”

Being the best meant not only growing the best grapes, but also creating a memorable brand to help consumers recognize the best in-store. In 1995, the company introduced Pretty Lady, which has become the most popular and best-loved grape brand in supermarkets across North America. Soon, countries all over the world were demanding grapes grown by Dulcich & Sons, and in 1996, the family established Sunlight International Sales to manage grape exports to Taiwan, Thailand, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, New Zealand, Russia, Dubai, India, Mexico and Canada.

Today, brothers Nick and Peter Dulcich continue to expand the farm their parents founded. Peter now leads the growing and operations of 6,000 acres of vineyards and a multimillion-dollar, state-of-the-art storage and distribution center, while Nick manages Sunlight’s sales and marketing division to ensure consumers worldwide can enjoy Pretty Lady grapes fresh from the farm. In 50 years, this small family vineyard has transformed into a premier international brand—but some things haven’t changed. The same desire to “be the best that we can be” still drives the company to work harder, think bigger, and embrace innovation to ensure Pretty Lady grapes are the preferred choice of consumers and retailers worldwide.

“Delivering the finest table grapes in the world is a responsibility we have always taken to heart. It’s our goal to continue this tradition of quality for the next 50 years.”

Jakov Dulcich, Founder

  • Jakov Dulcich emigrates to California 1960
  • 1975 Jakov purchases 80 acres of farmland
  • The first crop of Flame Seedless and Thompson Seedless grapes is planted 1979
  • 1980 Jakov creates brand labels for his Sunlight and Delano Best table grapes
  • Calmeria grapes are planted 1981
  • 1985 Premium Red and Majestic Red Seedless grapes are planted
  • Jakov adds 160 acres to his farm 1986
  • 1987 Black Seedless grapes are planted
  • Red Globe grapes are planted 1988
  • 1992 Dulcich and Sons begin marketing their grapes to the world
  • Ruby Seedless grapes are planted 1993
  • 1995 Brand labels for Pretty Lady and P&N table grapes are created
  • Sunlight International Sales division is created. First storage facility is built 1996
  • 1999 Crimson seedless and autumn royal grapes are planted
  • 20,000 sq. ft. of cold storage is added 2001
  • 2002 Princess Seedless grapes are planted
  • Another 20,000 sq. ft. of cold storage is added 2006
  • 2007 Luisco (Sheegene-4) seedless grapes are planted
  • 40,000 sq. ft. of new storage, loading, and office infrastructure is built 2009
  • approximately 2,600 acres in Maricopa/Arvin, California area were purchased to continue our growth and provide a longer supply of the best grown grapes in the world to our customers 2012
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