Growing & Farming

Extra care at every step...
makes the finest grapes in the world!

At Dulcich, we produce the freshest, sweetest, most flavorful grapes because we nurture every vine with patience and care.

Growing & Farming Operations

Quality Assurance Processes

We may be the biggest grower of table grapes in North America, but what makes our grapes so special isn’t the big things—it’s the little things. Like the way we prune each vine by hand to ensure only the best bunches of grapes are allowed to reach maturity. The way we apply micronutrients to each vine to help it grow strong and healthy. And the way we wait a little longer to make sure our grapes have reached the peak of sweetness.

It’s a more time-consuming, labor-intensive process than other vineyards may use, but decades of experience have taught us it’s worth the effort. Our Pretty Lady grapes are now preferred by retailers and consumers all over the world.

“Spoon-feeding” each luscious grape

From the moment the first buds appear on the vine until harvest time, our grapes are continually fed a carefully crafted mix of micronutrients designed to increase their flavor, texture, and shelf life naturally.

This slow and painstaking task is called “spoon-feeding,” and while very few grape growers do it, we consider it an essential part of the process. By paying closer attention to our vines, we can grow consistently firm, juicy, delicious grapes in virtually every kind of weather—year in and year out.

Healthy, all-natural methods

At Dulcich, we grow grapes we’re proud to bring home to our own families—crisp, sweet, healthy fruit produced naturally.

We treat our vines using organic and natural products because they’re better for the earth, better for our health, and better for the grapes. For example, we now use a desert cactus called yucca to drought-proof the roots of our plants, and we source calcium from limestone to use as a natural fertilizer. Whatever our grapes need as they grow, we look to nature for a clean, safe, sustainable option that we—and our customers—can feel good about.

A commitment to quality and safety

As trusted grape producers for major retailers worldwide, no one takes food safety and product quality more seriously than we do.

In addition to participating in the Global Food Safety Initiative, we voluntarily submit to a safety audit by a certified, third-party auditor every season. We require safety training for every new employee, and conduct an annual drill to ensure that in the event of a recall, our employees know how to swiftly trace affected products.

We employ a team of more than 30 quality-assurance experts to review the work of our staff to ensure they’re grading our fruit accurately and consistently, and we also employ a full-time, onsite US Department of Agriculture representative to monitor the quality of our fruit throughout the growing season.

“I have three daughters, and I bring fruit home to my family all the time. The way we grow reflects that.”
–Peter Dulcich

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