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Extra care at every step...
makes the finest grapes in the world!

Jakov Dulcich


In 1959, Jakov Dulcich and his wife Antoinette emigrated from Croatia to the New World. After spending a year in Chile, they settled in Delano, California, one of the best regions in the world for growing firm, luscious grapes.

They worked in vineyards owned by Jakov’s uncle, saving enough to invest in their own small piece of farmland in 1975. Ten years later, they were able to devote themselves full-time to tending their very own farm.

As the farm grew and prospered, so did Jakov and Antoinette’s family. Their two sons, Peter and Nick, followed in their parents’ footsteps, learning how to grow juicy, delicious grapes almost before they learned their ABC’s.

Favorite Dulcich Grape: Majestic Red

Peter Dulcich


There is no job that Peter has not done since he has grown up in this family owned and run business. He knows what goes into producing the highest quality grapes and makes all the decisions a lifetime of farming have taught him. This is both his commitment and promise as not only President but also Director of all Farming Operations. He is a good steward of the land and keeps in touch with new up and coming growing trends. Mindful of keeping true to the purest and healthiest techniques, he puts an emphasis on research and programs focusing on not just organic but other new concepts. He is a great leader and can always be counted on, caring for every employee like family. He is focused on both managing and growing the company, yet still makes the effort to be involved in the community as well as being member and director on the local water boards. Our state-of-the-art storage and distribution center is under his watchful eye and he has plans and designs taking the company well into the future.

Fun Fact:Most at peace walking through a block at the end of harvest and reflecting on the completion of another growing cycle. He also enjoys hunting and golfing.

Favorite Dulcich Grape:Emerald (Sheegene-17)

Nick Dulcich


Nick holds a degree in agribusiness with an emphasis on marketing from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. He worked in the LA wholesale market for Davalan sales and Chiquita Frupac before establishing Sunlight International. He sits on the advisory board of the California Table Grape Commission and the board of directors of the Grape and Tree Fruit League.

Fun Fact: Created all of Dulcich’s seasonal campaigns: Harvest Hobgoblin, Pretty Lady for Summer, Pretty Lady for the Holidays, The Incredible Grape Pumpkin Patch, The Grape Patch, and Holly Jolly Grapes.

Favorite Dulcich Grape: Green Emerald (Sheegene-17)