World-class facilities

keeping grapes at the peak of freshness

Our Facility

As one of the biggest global suppliers of fine table grapes to the world, we’re continually innovating to find new ways of delivering grapes to your table at the peak of freshness—no matter where in the world you live.Grapes are delicate fruits that require extra care at every step. Our state-of-the-art, climate-controlled facilities are designed to protect this fragile harvest by cooling, storing, and treating them to preserve their vine-fresh flavor, texture, and unblemished appearance.

150,000 square feet of innovation

Our cooling and storage facilities are second to none in size, cleanliness, and efficiency. We now maintain a large indoor treatment area adjacent to our vineyards.The moment our grapes are harvested, they’re carefully packed in the field and placed in pre-cooling tunnels that lower the temperature to a chilly 32°F. This instant cooling keeps the fruit crisp and juicy for longer so that it arrives at its destination looking and tasting as good as it would if it were picked and eaten straight from the vine.

Indoor and outdoor packing facilities

Whether our retailers prefer their grapes to be packed in the field or indoors, we can accommodate their needs. In addition to in-field packing facilities that minimize handling and contamination risk, we also maintain an indoor packing space where grapes can be transported immediately after harvest and packed according to specific retailer requirements.

Global treatment chambers

In addition to delivering North America’s favorite grapes, we also supply premium California table grapes to countries all over the world, including Australia and New Zealand. To meet the importation requirements of these countries, we maintain a fumigation treatment chamber that heat-treats the grapes with CO2 and SO2 to remove all foreign matter from our grapes without affecting their taste, texture, quality, or longevity in any way.Our comprehensive facilities ensure that we can meet the needs of any retailer and the importation requirements of any country in the world.

“Our facilities are second to none in terms of size, cleanliness, safety, and innovation. Nothing less will do.”
Nick Dulcich